Edura Berrini: Be Curious, and Trust Your Timing

Edura Berrini founded Lakugems/Edura Shezrin Jewelry in 2018. Edura is proud of her Malaysian heritage and shares her journey and her unconventional path to becoming a Jeweler.

People ask me all the time what Edura means because it’s a very unique name and sometimes I answer that in Spanish Edura means tough or Edura in Arabic means treasure but truthfully I like to think that I actually defined my own name and my journey is what Edura represents.

Currently, I am a jeweler, I have a small business that I’m just starting to build and it’s been about a year.

 I make custom jewelry out of sterling silver, 14 karat/18 karat gold and pair it with a semi precious stone or precious stones like Diamonds, Emeralds, and Rubies.

I typically tell people four to six weeks and there is a process. Initially, I will send a questionnaire to get an idea of what my customer wants. Based on the answers of the questionnaire, I will pick out some gemstones. I will ask general questions such as your birthday, what the jewelry is for, favorite color, and birthstone.

The next step is setting up a meeting with the customer and we look at a few gemstones that I picked out. This is based on the initial questionnaire and then I will transition to the design stage. During this stage, I ask the customer what look they want. Do they want an organic or clean look? Do you want the stone to be the main star?

Since I’m the one that is going to spend hours and hours working on it, I want to make sure that my customers are happy with it. At the same time, it’s also a design that I’m happy spending time making as well so we can build a nice relationship where we both have the same vision. It’s important that the customers are part of the experience.

My interest in becoming a jeweler began in high school. I gave my mom a pamphlet when I was in my junior year and we were talking about college. I gave my mom a pamphlet and I think it was from the Savannah School of Art and Design. That was the only pamphlet that I gave my mom and I told her I want to become a metalsmith. Her reaction was like “oh it’s very interesting but how about math or bio-chemistry, or bio-medical engineering.” She put me down very gently…

My mom is my number one supporter. At first she was afraid in some ways for me because she wanted me to have a secure career. At that time, pursuing Arts was so ambiguous (in her opinion) and the uncertainty of pursuing it. She loves me no matter what and she supports me.

It was good timing that I had the opportunity to pursue my passion for jewelry and my husband encouraged me. It was all about timing, I knew I had to do it now. I’m so passionate and the sacrifices I am making in my social life and just trying to learn and absorb all the knowledge and they (mom & husband) are happy for me.

I remember everything about Malaysia, it’s so ingrained in who I am. The food, the family, etc. Not to toot my own Malaysian horn but I do feel like Malaysian food is just delicious.  I grew up with my mom and dad and both had seven siblings so we come from a huge family. I remember growing up with a lot of cousins and a lot of family events. When I think of Malaysia, I think of love, friendships, food, and beauty. Malaysia has mountains, islands, rich culture, and history so it’s a beautiful place to visit.

If I was talking to my daughter, I would say always be curious, ask questions, learn things, find out what who you are outside of external pressures.

There is one thing I would say be curious and also trust your timing. If you don’t get to do something that you really have a hunch for and that you love to do maybe the time is not right. But don’t give up, it might come later.

Be patient and be curious. I would always hear oh you are so different in Uber rides, but now I realize that is where my love for curiosity comes from.

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