Hanan Al Ramyan: Keep Moving Forward

Hanan Al Ramyan is a native of Kuwait. She received a bachelor’s degree in finance and decided to further pursue her studies in the United States, where she has earned a master’s degree in human resources. She is currently employed in the Civil Service Commission as an accountant. During her free time, she serves as a motivational coach. Hanan wrote a book, “An Effect Fingerprint” last year to highlight the importance of self-healing. Her story reflects the value of loving oneself through the journey of acceptance.


My name is Hanan. I was born and raised in Kuwait. My goal is to empower young people to follow their dreams and not be wary of obstacles, including their own fears. Here is my story.


One of my most challenging experiences has been that I was born with cleft lip and palate — a common birth condition, an opening or splits on the lips. Due to the severity of my condition, I’ve undergone more than 15 surgeries. There were moments that I felt that I couldn’t move forward with my life because of the uncertainties of going through so many surgeries. But I didn’t let that stop me. It made me stronger and defined the women that I have become.



Additionally, because of it, I became grateful for the blessings I have been given. I cannot be thankful enough for my parents’ support. They have handled my situation with the utmost grace and never ceased to complain. They pushed me to follow my dreams despite difficult obstacles. I thank god every day for putting them in my life. Secondly, my relationship with God became stronger each and every day. Reading the Quran has enabled me to be content with myself. I know that each of my struggles is followed by Allah’s love and compassion.

Recently, I graduated with my master’s degree. I was excited to study in the U.S. I enjoyed interacting with peers from different ethnicities. I wanted to break the stereotypes of Arab women. I wore my hijab with pride and gladly answered questions about Islam and I never shied away from my Kuwaiti background. I didn’t perceive the unfamiliarity of Islam as a problem but as an opportunity to educate people. I have had instances where people would stare at me or make a comment behind my back but that did not prevent to smile back at them. I made a decision to show others what Islam meant to me by striving to obtain the best of manners.

As I reflect, I do not have any regrets. Everything happens for a reason, and the key is to be patient and persevere.

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