MALA Recognized for Bringing Muslim American Journeys with StoryCorps to Public by

Current, in a recent article by Jill Goldsmith, featured MALA’s work to bring the Muslim American experience to the public. As the most widely read public broadcasting trade journal in the United States, Current shines a light on topics that aren’t covered by the mainstream media as much like diversity initiatives.

MALA’s mission of collecting and sharing the stories of all Muslim Americans has gained tremendous traction thanks to its partnership with StoryCorps. We have published over 100 personal narratives focused on what it means to be an American as an individual of color. This has assisted us in bringing attention to the plight of Muslim Americans who feel that their perspective isn’t being heard amidst a nation that is facing heightened polarization,  tensions, and divisions.

In her post, Goldsmith writes, “Thanks to StoryCorps’ ongoing outreach to Muslim communities, 21-year-old Yusor Abu-Salha recorded an interview several months before she was shot and killed, along with her husband and sister, in a racially motivated attack last year in Chapel Hill, N.C.”

This shows us all that every single voice is valuable to the future of our human society because positive change only occurs from hearing the voice of the people.

MALA will continue to play its role in uniting all Americans against extremism and help the public understand what it means to be a human with a story, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, or sexual orientation.


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