MALA Partners with Loyola University Chicago

MALA is proud to partner with Loyola University Chicago’s  Center for Experiential Learning.

As a Community Partner, we will collaborate to:

  • Work with low-literacy clients

  • Incorporate student learning into their work Loyola’s Community

This partnership also encompasses leadership, internship, and carving out a better future through experiential learning.

Loyola University Chicago’s Center for Experiential Learning approaches partnerships with employers and community organizations as reciprocal and mutually beneficial. The goal of the partnerships is not only for our students to learn by serving as volunteers, interns, or researchers, but also for the work of students to contribute in valuable ways to the work of  partner organizations.

The Center for Experiential Learning is committed to promoting the relevant opportunities of partners to students and faculty; to connecting partners to other University resources where appropriate; and to fostering the potential of experiential learning opportunities to achieve both student- and site-based priorities.

We are also joined by other non-profit, government, and business professionals from across Chicago.

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