Lubna Kabir: On Expectations and Dreams

Expectations are difficult to overcome, but pursuing one’s passion definitely pays off. Lubna Kabir talks about her interests in the liberal arts, the challenges she faced from a young age, and how she overcame them. This story was recorded in partnership with MALA and StoryCorps. 

“My name is Lubna Kabir. Ever since I was young I always loved art, and I would draw pictures all the time. My parents also enrolled me in art classes for extra-curricular activities throughout elementary school and high school. All the while I was studying and trying to be as good as I could be in everything else because I had very strict parents, and I still do. I remember when I was 16 years old, I was sad because so many things were changing in my life; my parents got divorced, and my dad got remarried, and I started getting bad grades, and I was struggling in school a little because I had trouble focusing. When it comes time to review my life and look back on all the things I’ve done, I’d rather say, “oh well” than “what if”. I’d rather try my best to pursue all the things I want to do rather than be discouraged by other people who don’t want me to do certain things. I think about whether I should just do whatever everyone else wants me to do and play it safe so I have a safe future, [but] I would rather choose the adventure– do something extreme so that my future, even though its uncertain, if I do end up achieving my goals, if I put 100 percent into what I’m doing, it will be more worth it in the end.”

Listen to Lubna’s full story here:

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