Captivating Shining Cities

M.A.K.: Captivating Shining Cities

Mr. M.A.K lives in Riverdale, Maryland, and his family and children. He is completing a doctorate in International Education Development at Hiroshima University, Japan.

Mr. K grew up in Wardak province, Afghanistan. He started studying the English language during high school. He also enrolled in English language learning classes in his rural district of Chak.

Mr. K says that “my father is my childhood hero since he was my most important teacher and mentor while growing up.” His father also wanted his children to excel in physical sports and high school education. He encouraged them to play volleyball. Mr. K would play as a part of the high school volleyball team.

As Afghanistan went through conflict, Mr. K says that “my father instilled a feeling of security and protection in my heart.” It would be this protection that would help Mr. K to pursue his educational and career dreams.

He excelled in high school and wanted to become an aspiring journalist in the country. He prepared well for the entrance exam to higher education and got to his top choice, and pursued an undergraduate degree in the journalism faculty at Kabul University.

After graduating from the journalism faculty, he worked for many national and international nonprofit organizations. With his English language skills, he decided to study abroad. Mr. K was impressed by the progress and development of Japan. Something that he wanted to learn about and help transform Afghanistan.

He pursued a master’s degree in Master of Science at Hiroshima University in Japan. He says that the experience of studying in Japan was transformative and life-changing. Mr. K was involved in student activism and chaired the Association of Afghan Students in Japan. It would help him excel in his social skills and help new students explore Japan’s study and professional development opportunities. It would also offer him an opportunity to interact with students worldwide.

Mr. K was offered a Ph.D. position at Hiroshima University, given his hard work and dedication. With this, he could bring his family and children to Japan. He says, “Japan is a wonderful place for children’s education and development.” Mr. K further adds that his family loved the sense of peacefulness of Japanese society.

Mr. K believes in hard work and persistence. He says that “maintain your efforts even if you encounter setbacks.” He says that we must liberate ourselves from the ropes of giving up.

Mr. K waited for a year to come to the United States. Once he arrived in the United States with his family in 2021, he said that “when I arrived, I saw that the U.S.A. is a treasure trove of historical, economic, and cultural wealth displayed in its’ shining cities.” Hs says, “the skyscrapers were captivating.” He says that I love that every city and town has libraries. Mr. K believes that this is the right place for his children to go to school and pursue their dreams without being discriminated against based on their gender.

In the long run, Mr. K would like to finish his doctorate and publish and become a faculty in a university in the United States.

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