Roots Beyond Borders

Kareem Ansari: Roots Beyond Borders Kareem Ansari is an Arab-American of Palestinian heritage.  Here, he discusses his cultural roots, his family, and why he feels like traveling and moving around while he was growing up helped shape his identity. I’m Palestinian originally. Both my parents are from Jerusalem and Palestine, and I’m a first-generation Arab-American […]

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Rise Up, In Service

Nausheen Rajan is a Pakistani American Ismaili Muslim. She speaks about how she kept her culture within her American upbringing and the importance of getting her community involved in the civic and social politics.  Nausheen is an Alumnus of the MALA Young Leaders Fellowship program.  I think my story starts before me. It starts with

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Embrace Your Wings

Seanwong Brown: Embrace Your Wings Seanwong Brown is a Thai African American who served in the United States Airforce. He speaks about his journey in trying to see the world and what he lessons he picked up along the way.  I was born in Lubbock, Texas. My father was stationed there in the military, close

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