Yusef Amin: A Poem About My Journey

Yusef Amin is a Maryland native and a social worker for Islamic American Zakat Foundation. Here, he shares an original poem to reflect his journey as an American Muslim.


I am …could you repeat that? … draw closer with me

Did you say that?.. I am… approach with me

the theology of time

then come with me to the echo of the mind


I am heaven and hell folded in intellect

I am present and future in retrospect

I am the sunset limited riding off into the void

I am the elegant theory never created nor destroyed

I am Adam’s projection

I am Osiris’s erection


My mother is Mary

My wife is Isis

My Joseph, Judas, and Jesus are priceless

My last name is Infinity and X

My particle is next

My nebula neurons reverberate

My sex channels the charms of create


I am father to the four elements

I am savior to the sinner’s sentiments

I am the third day

I am affecting time backward every time I pray

I am the fulfillment of scripture

I am the reflection in the pictures


My wrinkles are the sphinx on my face

My sad eyes are blue prints of time and space

My gray in my beard are 360.1 secrets held in Christ’s head

My walk and my swag are Jacob’s injured leg


She is water to winter and to the summer she is waves

She is dusk’s dark daughter and what the devil craves

She is funk she is jazz she is soul

She is wind she is flash she is O

She is the nurse protector of the light rain dropping


Her articulated amusement can expunge throbbing

Her childrearing hips are times crimson lips

Her thighs are depth perception’s blind grips

Her breasts are monuments to high science

Her validations is the course of self reliance

Her mastery of martial science is the built of her body

Her massive mammary is milk mishandled to illuminati

Her massive mammary is memory

Her holiness mother of virginity


She can impede imperialism with her wink

She can emerald wastelands with what she drink

She can originate inner orgasms in outer space

She can conclude the calendar with how she taste

She can resolve conflicts in science and religion with her existence

She can award wishes with willpower wind speed chimera resistance


Come sit at the table of humanity with me…


Sipping breast milk tea

In the Eden of she

Now what once was wet is, “We”…

Bumping bellybuttons penetrating portals to orgasmic providence

The hips hump is ankhs answer to epoch spent through relevance


Perpetually, 12 o’clock reminiscent of Jesus’ peers

If you want, we may well do this every 4000 years

Parishioners preserved on papyrus papal tears

Finally, we collectively shed our cosmic fears


Come walk through the multi-versity with me…


Let’s redefine worth

Let’s establish the United States of Earth

Let’s put pen to paper potential with precision

Let’s find the First United Church of Every Religion

Let’s throw of the shackles of matters and pretension

Let’s morph into the energy of thought and intention


Approach to the end of the almanac

undress in the abyss then we will go back


We sink seeds in the seat of sweet sonar’s sugary surrender

We project pious perceptions our primal protein pretender

We baptize safe bodies in bubble bath

We hold hands, we hug, and we laugh

We inherit the clay that emerged from the sea

We turn ancient astronaut theory into history

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