Nancy Fawakhiri: Creating a Better World

Nancy Fawakhiri grew up in two worlds: the United States and Jordan. She has used her experiences and studies in both countries to create a nonprofit that focuses on what she believes in so strongly: change.

Being born in Chicago but raised in Jordan from a fairly young age, I’ve had the pleasure of being immersed in two profound cultures. Every episode of my life, between these two countries, has contributed to shape who I am now and the person I desire to be. I can talk about hardships I have faced, but it will sound trivial compared to what others, especially those in my neighboring countries, have been through. So instead I will talk about how the combination of tough, sad times, along with good, happy times have affected me and changed my perspective on life. I plan to be the change I want to see in this world.

Last June I graduated from the University of Jordan, majoring in business administration simply because it was the only scholarship funded degree I could receive at the time. However, my primary interest was, and always has been, psychology, stemming from a deep rooted interest in human nature. From a young age I had a strong desire to focus on the betterment of the lives and experiences of others. I’ve managed to use my studies in management to establish a nonprofit organization that helps individuals reach a higher state of intellectuality and innovation by providing them basic needs. This helps them move up in hierarchy until self-actualization has been reached. These blossoming individuals will ultimately lead to a better society.

In order to accomplish that, a comprehensive plan had to be developed that tackled other aspects of the enhancement of a society: infrastructural and environmental. To further commit myself to my vision, I came back to Chicago to pursue my education in urban and regional planning, to tackle issues that hinder the advancement of communities. My return to Chicago wasn’t an easy step, but I deemed it necessary to take my dreams to the next level.

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