A Rekindled Sense of Hope in My Dreams

Lamha Nabizada: A Rekindled Sense of Hope in My Dreams

Lamha Nabizada is a business development executive living in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Ms. Nabizada holds a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) with a finance specialization from Kardan University, one of Afghanistan’s highly ranked MBA programs.

Ms. Nabizada grew up in Kabul City and attended Tajwar Sultana High School. She is an aspiring example for young women and girls in Afghanistan. After graduating from high school, Ms. Nabizada received the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) scholarship. She got a bachelor’s in business administration from Savitribai University of Pune, India. She graduated first class grade with a focus on finance.

Ms. Nabizada served as a Business Development Executive at the Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan (ICA). At ICA, she initiated the sales process by scheduling appointments, creating initial presentations, managing account requirements, closing sales by building reports with the potential account, explaining product and service capabilities, overcoming objections, and preparing contracts. She gained experience in all phases of the sales process, from prospecting and initial account discussions to presentation, negotiation, and after-sales service support. As a successful marketer, she provisions abundant opportunities and defines Afghanistan as an untouched market with great potential to invest in different sectors.

Ms. Nabizada says that “my oldest brother and father is my life hero; they are the ones who always encouraged and supported me to do my studies.”

With a business mindset, Ms. Nabizada believes that educating the young generation on Afghanistan’s feasibility and potential to become a regional business hub is highly important. She further states that equipping university students and fresh graduates with the job market requirements and skills will facilitate their employability in different sectors, including private, public, and international organizations.

Ms. Nabizada feels lucky to have made it to the United States along with her family. However, she expressed disappointment when the resettlement agency decided to separate her family and resettle them in different places.

She is incredibly thankful for having the opportunity to start her life all over again in the United States. She says, “life is going great now, and I find US land of opportunity with accepting diversity.”

Like many young Afghans who recently arrived in the United States, Ms. Nabizada has a high potential and aspirations that will rekindle a sense of hope in the potential of the American Dream.

Ms. Nabizada is concerned about the extensive bureaucratic steps and pathways toward a Green Card and American citizenship. The lawyers are costly, and the process is lengthy, which might come in her way of pursuing a solid career as an entrepreneur.

In the long run, she would like to work for one of the top companies in the United States and succeed amidst all odds.

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