KitaabWorld and MALA: Literature Combats Bigotry

MALA’s friends at KitaabWorld aims to change the stories and misinformation about Muslims, especially for young and impressionable minds. Research indicates that exposure to other cultures should begin at an early age. Learning about our similarities, understanding our differences and sharing our stories goes a long way towards creating respect and acceptance of one another.

Support the campaign by clicking here. MALA looks forward to collaborating and sharing personal stories to amplify voices from the broad Muslim American community.


MALA’s work is imperative for combating both bigotry and anti-Muslim rhetoric because it takes back the Muslim-American narrative, renews it, and allows for us to see Muslims in a new light.  These stories have the potential to completely alter the way we understand Muslims both locally and abroad.  It allows for a new level of understanding and respect for the people we interact with on a daily basis.  Essentially, MALA’s work is a reminder that the United States is a melting pot—a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious nation filled with incredible individuals.

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