Exploring Small Initiatives to Help the Big World Survive

Hamidullah Wardak: Exploring Small Initiatives to Help the Big World Survive 

Mr. Hamidullah Wardak is currently living in Virginia. Mr. Wardak holds a post-graduate degree in strategic communication for development and advocacy and a bachelor’s degree in journalism. 

During the Afghan civil war, Mr. Wardak’s family had to flee Afghanistan. Mr. Wardak grew up as a refugee in Pakistan. He says that “attending school as an immigrant was pleasing as this was the only reason for our immigration, but it also had difficulties.” For some refugees, to have a chance at education was a dream that rarely came true. Thanks to Mr. Wardak’s parents, especially his father, who had to work hard to support his education. His pre-school was in English Language, something he initially struggled with but admired as the dual nature of his early life, being educated in English in school and having spoken Pashto at home. 

He says, “I remember a name rather than an immigrant less called me. My school fellows and some teachers also would call me Muhajir, meaning immigrant.” However, despite not being welcomed by her fellow students and teachers, he would continue to shine by outperforming others. He still holds fond memories of his early education and continues to stay in touch with his class fellows to date. 

He says, “my hero never changed from the day I learned the definition of a hero. My father is the real definition of a hero. He kept me inspiring and helped me learn the meaning of life. He performed an uplifting role play and made me realize how a single human being can make a change.” He says that his father believed that war was not the solution. He had to abandon his job, property, and extended family and flee to Pakistan. 

The wisdom of his father will inspire Mr. Wardak to believe in the potential of education. His father would work hard as a laborer and would not shy away from any opportunity that would make him support his children as immigrants. “Even in his late 70s, my father had to work hard to support our educated upbringing,” Mr. Wardak says. Quoting his father would always say that “even if peace comes from armed struggle; peacekeeping and state building remains a tough job, requiring educated and skilled talents.” 

After all the struggle, Mr. Wardak graduated from university and received his post-graduate degree. Mr. Wardak continues to live and pursue his aspirations to the extent possible to live a meaningful and happy life. It would serve him well in his community and implement many development projects. 

Mr. Wardak and his family waited for three years to receive the Special Immigrant Visa for Afghan Allies. Mr. Wardak says, “I believe this planet is a shared home for all creatures. Suppose we could look at the globe from an unbiased perspective. In that case, we are one human being occupying most of the land and waters regardless of cultures, religions, colors, and other preferences. We, as human beings, are responsible for keeping this plant a good place for both humans and animals. This reality makes me feel responsible for moving forward and feel responsible for the greater the group. It does not matter from where we start and on a smaller or bigger scale we start, but it must contribute to the betterment of this globe and make it a better place to live. 

Mr. Wardak is appreciative of the beauty of life. He says, “we were given fresh and brand-new earth; look how polluted and toxic it is now. We are responsible and must join efforts to save the existing resources and work together to find alternatives for the resources and opportunities the humans have given away.” 

Mr. Wardak finds the United States “a welcoming and friendly place to live.” It is truly the land of opportunities, and more importantly, it is a place where one can think differently and speak up his/her mind loudly. “

Mr. Wardak is currently preparing for a project management exam as Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP). He envisions himself in a leadership position helping corporate businesses and capital agencies to maximize waste elimination and reduce human efforts through automated processes, digitized business solutions, and data analytics. 

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