Fardosa Mohamood: Imagination

Fardosa Mohamood is born and raised in Louisville, KY. She is a junior in high school taking honor and AP classes. Writing is her favorite outlet and she can often be found reading books. Her favorite subject is English. Here, she shares a profound and personal poem, “Imagination”  based on her own journey as a Muslim American.


Bursting out at the sea

Making life into a sporadic scene

A panorama of rampant dreams

Over a tearing sea.

Screams pierce the air.

Life has become a dare.

Can it be?

The jarring eyes of the sky

Have opened.

Swallowing me whole.

Life among the clouds is not what

I’d thought it be.

The scream of the wind

is deafening

The soft of the clouds

is unsettling

The absence of life

is questioning.




The sky of dreams

is closing.

The realization of life


Enclosing. Retracting.

Is that when

it fell apart?

Due to an obstructive art

Where the sky of dreams

Ultimately broke apart.

Crashing down onto bitter reality

Where things collide, people drift,

nightmares plague.





As I look at the sky of dreams

and the depths of the ocean of life.

I don’t mind.

Rampaging in the chaos

is torture.

Adrift in the subtle peace

is endless.

What I find is

that simply existing.


is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Floating in a calm sea.

Swimming in raging waters.

I can’t be.

Nor will I ever be.

Right now.



Forever, maybe.

I’ll be trying.



to find peace among the chaos.

Even if for a dream.

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