MALA is proud to announce the recipients of the 2018-2019 MALA Scholarship Program.  These individuals exemplify MALA’s values of integrity, compassion, and bravery through storytelling; we are honored to share the amazing journeys of these individuals and thrilled to assist in their pursuit of higher education.  You can read the full stories of our scholarship recipients in the MALA Story Collection.

The individuals who received scholarship awards were selected based on the merit of their moving personal essays, and their ability to use the power of storytelling to discuss concepts of identity, diversity, intersectionality, learning, and inclusivity.

This year, MALA also awarded scholarships on behalf of the Khan Memorial Fund, the Dr. Fawaz Kannout Memorial Scholarship Fund, and the Dr. Iyengar Family Fund.

We are proud and honored to share these stories, and humbled by the courage, tenacity, and compassion of their authors. Please see the complete list of scholarship recipients below; you can find their complete essays in the Muslim American Journeys Story Collection, and you can learn more about the MALA Scholarship Program here.


MALA Scholarship Recipients:

In accordance with MALA’s mission, the MALA Scholarship program awards scholarships to individuals who demonstrate ambition, integrity, and leadership through the art of storytelling.

Razan Mikdashi, Lebanese-American Grown

Faizah Mah, Fear of Death

Zuhair Imaduddin, Freedom As a Muslim American

Rawan Alzubaidi, Six Countries, One Person

Hussein Alameedi, My Muslim Identity

Tahrim Imon, A Piece of the American Mosaic

Ala Salameh, Identity Through Solidarity



Khan Memorial Scholarship Recipients:

The Khan Memorial fund awards scholarships to rising leaders who demonstrate bravery, integrity, and compassion in storytelling.

Amalea Jubara, A Voice on the Rise

Hassan Abboud, Opportunity From the Other Side



Dr. Fawaz Kannout Memorial Fund Recipients:

The Fawaz Kannout Memorial Scholarship Fund recognizes compassionate and ambitious individuals who are committed to strengthening and serving their communities through cultural engagement, inclusive discourse, and progressive thought.

Katarzyna Clarke, Human

Farishta Abdul Latif, The Perfect Curse of the Prayer Answered

Zoha Raza, Collateral Damage

Sarah Al Shahad, The War



Dr. Iyengar Family Fund Recipients:

The Dr. Iyengar Family Fund award scholarships to ambitious and dynamic young community leaders focused on identity, diversity, and inclusion.

Semira Ahemed, Triple Identity

Somaya Albadani, Roots to Success

Zahra Memon, Bridging the Gap Between Two Worlds: Deaf and Hearing



To read these essays, see the 2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients collection here. For hundreds of other incredible American Muslim stories of triumph, struggle, and heritage please visit the Muslim American Journeys online story collection.


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