For Women’s History Month, MALA was featured in an article by the Huffington Post titled “The Power of a Narrative: #WOTUSA Celebrates Muslim-American Women Who Are Shaping the Future.”

This storytelling campaign, launched in partnership with The New Agenda, emphasizes the importance of celebrating and encouraging the success of Muslim American women in a wide range of backgrounds and career paths.


The article spotlights MALA’s commitment to using the self-told narratives as a platform to inspire, and to create change.  As the article suggests, there is great power in narratives, both in their ability to educate about the history of Muslim Americans’ contributions to progressive change, and to empower others by elevating the enduring resilience, tenacity, and triumphs of Muslim women in America every day.

This perfectly demonstrates the core values of MALA: The recognition of Muslim Americans’ diverse and impactful contributions to the greater good, the representation of marginalized and intersecting identities, and the value of personal narratives in creating new and pluralistic perspectives of these identities.


By making struggle personal, and by encouraging perspectives that embrace similarities and differences alike, MALA seeks to educate, to empower, and to celebrate diversity.  Everybody has a story, a struggle, a journey; our mission is to connect people through these journeys, and to stimulate dialogue and reflection that will ultimately lead to a more peaceful future.


Click here to read the feature on Huffington Post



Author: Andrew McDonald, MALA 2017  Spring Intern

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