In 2018, MALA is excited to continue our partnership as a vetted organization with GlobalGiving. Over the past year, MALA has been actively engaged in the GlobalGiving community, raising over $10,000 in generous donations. We look forward to increasing that engagement this year as we continue to build a platform for the articulation, celebration, and circulation of Muslim voices in America.

MALA’s objective is to be a source for presenting diverse Muslim American cultural histories and contributions, and serve as an educational resource for teaching global consciousness, historical relevancy, and multicultural appreciation. Our programs have facilitated multi-cultural and diverse dialogue to promote understanding; cherish individuality and inclusion, and reduce cultural and racial bigotry. We strive to advance civic discussions in hope of providing a better atmosphere for working together for the common good.

Stories from over 450 individuals have been collected, ranging from immigrants, refugees, asylees, veterans, civic leaders, philanthropists, as well as families who have settled in the United States as early as the late 1800’s.

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