In conjunction with the theme of CSW 61st Session, MALA aims to promote the principle that the protection of girls and women’s human rights is fundamental to ensuring women’s self-realization and full participation in society. A myriad of issues affect economic prosperity. MALA held a panel discussion that covered the following themes: Education; Investment in Diversity; Human Rights; Access to Medical Care; and Eradication of Violence as core points to address the economic growth for women.


Poverty, illiteracy, violence, and oppression impacts decision making and human rights. For women and children across the globe, equitable access is denied through social, political, cultural, or infrastructure hindrances. Gender equality is crucial for advancing global development and reducing poverty. Empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of whole families and entire communities. Economically empowered women improve prospects for the next generation.


Panelists included: Rachel Steinberg, Director for Global Cause Partnerships with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF; Dr. Emad Rahim, Professor at Bellevue University, author of ‘Resilience: From Killing Fields to Boardroom’; Gretel Truong, Film Campaign Manager at Malala Fund; Dr. Sadaf Jafar, Postdoctural Research Associate at Princeton University. The panel was moderated by Emil Aldaddah, MALA’s Board of Directors, and introductory remarks were conducted by Naeem Uddin.

Attendees were encouraged to engage in dialogue with the panelists on solutions to address the economic growth of women through education, investment in diversity; human rights and seeking solutions towards eradicating violence. Additionally, Girl Rising’s latest book by  Tanya Lee Stone was available for purchase, which includes compelling narratives and statistics pertaining to girls’ education.


Photography credits: Omar Al-Fotihi.



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