Loyola University’s Job, Internship and Service Fair attracts hundreds of students and employers every year. The Muslim American Leadership Alliance had the honor of being one of these potential employers, one that had our representatives excited since the day they found out they would be attending.

On September 7th, 2016 MALA representatives Syed Sameer Rahman, Meriem Sadoun and Ahmed Flex Omar were present to partner with The Career Development Center, which serves all Loyola students and alumni as a source for career assessment, career education and assistance with the job search. They play an active role in facilitating contact and relations among students, alumni and employers, as well as providing students and alumni with access to job opportunities.

The mission of the Career Development Center (CDC) is to educate, counsel, and empower Loyola students and alumni through their self-identity and career exploration process. In collaboration with Loyola University, MALA encourages the practices of personal reflection and intensive exploration of the market place through research and experience, believing that career satisfaction is born of an authentic understanding of the self and the needs of the world. The CDC provides the guidance and resources necessary to facilitate this transformative process.

In keeping with the mission of Loyola University Chicago, the Career Development Center seeks to:

  1. Encourage students to identify and define their values, skills, interests, and passions and to utilize this information in making their life and career choices
  2. Enhance students’ ability to recognize and negotiate the transitional issues encountered by young adults in the passage from college to career
  3. Develop partnerships across the local, national, and global profit and non-profit environments, creating on-going networking and employment opportunities for students and alumni
  4. Insure students’ acquisition of the employment tools necessary to conduct effective searches for experiential opportunities and employment
  5. Expand interdisciplinary collaboration with LUC faculty, staff and departments in order to contribute to the breadth and depth of students’ vocational knowledge
  6. Nurture students’ examination of how one’s passions and talents may contribute to the service of our communities and the world

The career fair was in full swing. Employers had finished setting up and the students has started rolling in. MALA’s table was greeted by many students, each bringing in their own unique qualifications and a desire to work with the team. The fact that was the most encouraging was how students from all walks of life were interested in joining a dynamic and multi-faceted organization.

Students from all years and majors would try and work out a match, each expressing an interest in one field or another. It felt like every student that came up to MALA would be a great candidate because they all brought one very core aspect to the table: the desire to work for the betterment of society.


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