Recently, MALA’s Deputy Director Ahmed Flex Omar, and Program Associate Andrew McDonald had the privilege of publishing an article in the National Library of Congress Blog, Folklife Today. Their article, titled, “In Their Own Words: Mapping the Contours of Muslim Journeys, Identities, and Triumphs in the United States”, provides a comprehensive overview of the central themes and demographics of MALA’s Muslim American Journeys project.

“Our hope is to continue our community mobilization events and oral history programs in order to support storytelling, heritage, and fostering pride in identity amongst the Muslim American community. These narratives, which will now be preserved for generations to come, offer insight into the multifaceted and dynamic layers of Muslim American experiences.”

The article addresses the vast scope and dynamic reach of the Muslim American Journeys project and offers an analysis of both who MALA’s storytellers are, and what their stories convey. To date, the Journeys project features over 500 stories, and while each of these stories are unique, this article seeks to understand some common themes, and key demographics. With the publication of this article it is our hope that the Muslim American Journeys project, and all of the unique stories it represents, can be a resource for those who wish to learn from, and identify with the triumphs, struggles, and journeys of Muslims in America.

Read the full article here


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