Muslim American Journeys: Collecting, Preserving, and Archiving Stories from the Muslim American Community

This event will be held at the historic Thomas Jefferson Building on the 1st floor.

As part of NPR’s StoryCorps oral history project, The Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA) has collected over 350 stories of Muslim Americans – many of which are archived in the Library of Congress as part of the program. To date, MALA has collected, archived, and preserved over 350 stories of Muslim Americans. Many of these stories were also archived into the Library of Congress through our community partnership with StoryCorps, and several were even aired on NPR programs.

The event celebrates this groundbreaking effort – and in the process spotlights Muslim Americans’ diversity, individuality, innovative contributions to mainstream American society, and assimilation as proud citizens.

“Muslim American Journeys” provides ordinary Muslim Americans a platform to share their personal journey – and an opportunity for recognition. The program’s wide range of storytellers (e.g., ethnic, sectarian, religiosity, converts, atheists, immigrants, native-born, liberal, conservative, etc.) defies common stereotypes of Muslim Americans. Emphasizing individual journeys humanizes Muslim Americans for the general public – MALA seeks to be at the forefront of showcasing compelling portraits from the broad and diverse Muslim American community.

Presenting Partners:

  • MALA: Muslim American Leadership Alliance
  • StoryCorps
  • Library of Congress
  • American Folklife Center


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