In a brief and illuminating essay, Ahmed Flex Omar, Co-Founder and Deputy Director of MALA, describes his reaction to the recent killing of Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed black man who was pursued and killed by two white men while jogging in a Georgia neighborhood.  The essay, titled “The Lynching of Ahmaud Arbery,” explores the institutional nature of racism and prejudice in the United States, and calls on lawmakers to invoke swift and determined changes to prevent further tragedies.  He writes: 


“We need to work together to equip all Americans, particularly younger generations, with the knowledge and the critical thinking skills to understand the institutional history of racism in this country. We need to listen to and learn from the experiences and insights of communities of color. Anything short of this is superficial and signals complacency, and, ultimately, a resolve to continue the status quo.” 


MALA stands behind these sentiments and endorses Mr. Omar’s perspective on the situation.  We oppose hatred and bigotry of all kinds, and in alignment with Mr. Omar’s statements, we invite our community to join this discussion, and to advocate for justice on behalf of Ahmaud Arbery and the many other people and communities of color who are targeted by institutional racism.  


Click Here to Read the Full Essay.  



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