On Tuesday November 28th, The Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA) , in partnership with Artist Replete, presented their Giving Tuesday event at Marc Nolan, Chicago, in which Artist Replete kicked off the launch of their new website and curated fine arts pieces by notable up and coming artists.


Artist Replete is an artist-friendly online platform that presents the astounding visual arts collection of rising, talented artists to interested art enthusiasts.


“Art has always been big business where the most important thing in the equation, the artist, is sometimes treated like the least important” ( Matthew Moore, Artist Replete CEO).  The creation of Artist Replete challenged this notion. With its online flexibility and lack of space fees, Artist Repete made it possible for artists to do a 30/70 split with a larger portion going to the artist.


“ After all we’re talking about art, right? So shouldn’t the person responsible for giving us the feeling we get when we look at art be thought of first? Now they are. More and more artists everyday, are now finding the strength to push themselves to keep creating. They’re now getting excited that things are changing and benefiting them more. Technology has changed the art business. The future is brighter than it ever has been for both new old artists. There is hope that the “starving artist” will actually become well fed and feel… repleted.”


In light of promoting the welfare of artists through Artist Replete, the element of philanthropy was celebrated through a joint event with the Muslim American Leadership Alliance, a non-profit organization and story-collecting platform, committed to promoting individual freedom and gathering Americans of all backgrounds to celebrate philanthropy and community.


MALA’s emphasis of cultural diversity, combined with a visual arts variety created by talented artists of diverse ethnic backgrounds, metamorphosed the concept of Giving Tuesday to an innovative and creative way of gathering funds while enjoying art. Artists and guests flew in  from Phoenix, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, as well as Miami.


MALA was able to raise over $3,000 in online donations. The event was sponsored by 20 Grand Vodka.

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