On Sunday, April 24th 2016 , HE NAMED ME MALALA was screened at the Flint Institute of Arts. Flint residents garnered together to show the groundbreaking documentary of Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Noble Peace Prize recipient, to over 150 people.

The crowd consisted of students, teachers, civic leaders, policy makeres, and academics, which emphasized Flint Michigan’s diverse communities. Adil Mohamed, representing the Flint Muslim community, welcomed the guests and thanked the attendees for their passion, dedication, and commitment to take a stand and unite together to support Malala’s message and mission.

The event was even covered by ABC 12 news in the morning and evening broadcast.

Post film, a reception was sponsored by American Muslim Community Service (AMCS). A dynamic panel discussion was followed, with Michigan State Senator Jim Ananich; local student activist Sania Sajid, and a representative from the Flint Muslim community, Qamar Ahsan.

The dialogue explored the current situation in Flint Michigan with the water crisis, paired with a large number of school closures within the area, as it utilized Malala’s voice as a source of inspiration for various social justice issues that the community currently faces. Attendees left with Schoola bags, and were encouraged to continue the activism by stuffing the Malala-branded bags, prepaid postage included, with gently used clothing and mailing them. The Malala Fund is working to provide learning programs and safe spaces for girls in Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, and Sierra Leone, as well as Syrian refugee girls at risk of child marriage in Lebanon and Jordan.

Special thanks to Arshi Baig for the wonderful photos taken at this event.

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