Emerging Leaders

MALA runs a range of programs to strengthen next-generation community leadership at the national and local level.

Our annual “Muslim American Journeys” scholarship competition encourages young people to share the personal stories, with thousands of dollars in scholarship prizes awarded to top entries. Participants write about how their evolving personal identity journey; share how living in America’s open society has impacted their life; or recount their immigrant experience seizing opportunities in a new homeland.

The annual scholarship aims to help empower emerging leaders to pursue higher education as a means to build stronger communities, cultivate diverse perspectives, and make a positive impact in American society.

Through our programs in investing in future generations, MALA has forged relationships with national universities, including Loyola University Chicago; Benedictine University; CUNY; NYU; Princeton; and more.

From the pool of outstanding scholarship entrants and other recruiting networks, MALA also supports a core group of next-generation Leadership Fellows. These individuals have displayed a commitment to MALA’s core values and strong leadership skills. The Fellowship provides an opportunity for them to get directly involved with MALA’s events and programs, including speaking on panels; publishing relevant content; and coordinating professional networking and social impact initiatives.

In addition, MALA has organized Community Builders Councils in several major American cities (from Chicago to New Orleans and beyond) that bring together leaders from various professional sectors for civic impact. Council members drive local programs and nurture a community where next-generation Muslim Americans of diverse background and lifestyles can feel welcome and empowered.

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