“MALA has emerged as one of our most innovative civic and community organizations…”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel honored MALA on the occasion of our Third Annual Gala, and sent the following message:

Dear Friends,

As Mayor, and on behalf of the City of Chicago, I am pleased and proud to welcome all those gathered for the Muslim American Leadership Alliance’s Third Annual Gala.

Since its establishment, the Muslim American Leadership (MALA) has been dedicated to promoting individual freedom and diversity while celebrating heritage and strengthening culture, community, and collaboration to impact change. MALA has emerged as one of our most innovative civic and community organizations whose involved programming focuses on meeting the needs and sharing the narratives of Muslin Americans. The Muslim American Leadership Alliance demonstrates this city and our country’s truest values in its ongoing advocacy and activism toward fairness and unity for residents of all backgrounds.

Tonight’s event presents the special opportunity to come together to celebrate MALA’s incredible efforts in Chicago and beyond, while challenging us all to continue the work of building a better tomorrow. From education and the arts, to industry and government, and the sciences, Chicago’s vibrant Muslim community has contributed to every area of human endeavor. By offering Muslim Americans a platform to share their personal journey and providing leadership development, MALA spurs real exchange and relationship building across all boundaries. I commend the Muslim American Leadership Alliance for their commitment to facilitating progress and change.

I hope you have an enjoyable event and submit my best wishes for continued success.


Letter from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel


MALA Cofounders at our Third Annual Gala

Above: MALA’s cofounders at our Third Annual Gala at the Chicago History Museum on November 6, 2018.

To see more photos from MALA’s Third Annual Gala at the Chicago History Museum, visit MALA’s Flickr page.


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