We wish you a month of peace and light.

The month of Ramadan is here, and MALA invites people to open their doors for people of all backgrounds by getting involved to create new and unique multicultural encounters among Americans of all communities.

Ramadan is celebrated by over a billion people around the globe. It is a time where family and friends break fast, and people open their doors in the spirit of the month to strangers as a time for kindness, hospitality, and to forge bonds of friendship and solidarity.

Regardless of your faith, gender, or origin, MALA welcomes you to join the celebration.  Help us spread a message of hope, diversity, and inclusion in America, a nation born out of pluralism.

You can do so much with so little:

  1. Host an Iftar in your community for MALA. Contact our team, and we will provide you with all the resources needed to host a successful and memorable community event.
  2. Send us your own stories about your Ramadan memories to be featured as part of MALA’s “Muslim American Journeys.”
  3. Consider making a donation to support MALA’s work. Your donations are Zakat eligible.
  4. Follow us on social media at @MALAnational across all channels.

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