For almost 40 years Americans have honored Black History Month through a variety of local and national initiatives. At the core of many of these efforts is the recognition that U.S. history has far too often excluded the cultural, political, economic, scientific, civic, athletic, religious and artistic contributions of African Americans. Assigning one month every year to highlight these contributions has therefore become an important practical and symbolic step in the struggle to rearticulate the meaning of American history in a way that is both more inclusive and accurate.

In both the spirit and purpose of Black History Month, MALA has taken a step dedicated to promoting a more complete story of the American experience. We have prepared a collection of exclusive stories, all previously unpublished, that highlight the lives of African American Muslims in the U.S. They can be found in our story collection here.

Today, African American Muslims make up a large part of the Muslim community in the United States and form all aspects of public life from academia to politics and entertainment. The contributions have been both inspiring and truly eye-opening. Without a doubt, the Muslim identity in America, as it stands today, would not be the way it is without African American influence.

We invite people to share their stories of forming and shaping their identity. If you would like to share your story as part of this series, please submit your information here.

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