An NGO dedicated to human rights and committed to promoting individual freedom, the cornerstone of MALA’s work involves the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.

On Thursday, 17 March 2016, MALA co-sponsored a powerful panel, “Women and Girls: From Adversity to Hope” at the United Nations’ Headquarters for the UN CSW.

It is instrumental to promote women’s rights, documenting the reality of women’s lives throughout the world, in order to shape global standards on gender equality and the empowerment of women.

Through personal stories and experiences, we can accelerate progress, policies, and promote women’s human rights in political, economic and social fields. Personal stories are the catalyst to change. Without giving them validation, we cannot advance towards evolving change that is necessary in our global society.

The panel was moderated by MALA’s President, Zainab Zeb Khan. Panelists, including Monica Mahendra Singh, a beacon of light and hope after a brutal acid attack; Naila Amin, a survivor of forced and child marriage; Sarri Singer, founder of Strength to Strength, who survived one of the worst terrorist attacks in Israel on a bus bombing; and Consolee Nimshiwe, a survivor of the atrocious Rwanda genocide silenced the audience with their astounding personal stories.
Each of these women is a warrior in her own right. A pioneer. A change-maker. A true example of triumph over adversity.
MALA commemorates the courage and resilience the panelists have displayed. In honor of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, these remarkably profound women have already been creating change through their experiences, in hopes that nobody will ever have to experience what they went through.

We thank NGO Relations, DPI and the NGO organization coordinators from the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY, Global Family, International Council of Women, World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations, Africa Development Interchange Network and Global Family for Love & Peace for being co-organizers and co-sponsors of the event.


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